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Building the Foundation: lifestyle practices for a healthy life

Establishing a foundation of healthy practices is the key to feeling optimal.

 Exercise  has endless benefits for the mind and body and it increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).  BDNF is a protein in the brain that helps to support the survival of neurons and encourages growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses.  What this translates to is an increased capacity to learn, higher cognitive function, and better long-term memory.  Exercise increases energy, enhances cognitive function, and increases your metabolism.  Seems like there is no excuse to get out there!

Diet  In naturopathic medicine we look at food as one of the best ways to prevent, treat, and even reverse disease.  Food is very powerful medicine and can have dramatic effects on the mind & body.

Sleep not getting enough of it can lead to some serious health issues and impair our ability to learn, our memory, mood, decrease our immunity, and negatively affect our weight and metabolism.

Water  we are made up of 60% of it and it is essential to every cell in our body.  We use it to cool our body with sweat, to circulate oxygen and fuel to our organs, and eliminate waste products via blood.  Drinking more water is the simplest task we can do to improve our health.

Stress  when our body’s are constantly in the “fight or flight” (sympathetic) mode from being over worked and constantly under stress the adrenal glands can become under active or fatigued.  Adrenal fatigue can result in a variety of symptoms from feeling tired, trouble getting up in the morning, craving sweets, brain fog, feeling burned out, getting sick a lot, sensitivity to cold, and an inability to concentrate.

Spirituality has been proven to play an important role in healing through faith, hope, and compassion.  Having a strong community and life purpose has also shown to decrease depression, anger, and improve overall mental health.

4 Responses to “Building the Foundation: lifestyle practices for a healthy life”

  1. orthodoxmom3

    I really need to find a way and the motivation again to get back into exercising. I was doing really well until I got back into my writing. It’s hard to fit in the time for both and , frankly, for my overall well being and vital force…I think the writing right now is more important! Hopefully I will figure out how to juggle some things around and get started back with the exercise within the next couple of weeks :)


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